I’m Glenn Rolland

I’m a CTO and co-founder of various organizations. I’m also a teacher and learner.

As an engineer I am obsessed by the study of the rules that govern the interaction between the agents of a system for its good (or bad) functioning. And when this system is not digital… it can extend to sociology, ethnology and anthropology.

I love algorithms, infrastructures, networks, protocols, security… But I also secretly hate technology. I wonder about its evolution in the face of social, environmental and political issues. Leverage for freedom or for oppression?

I’m in a quest to create resilient, contributive and a-centered society where we would value skills and relationships more than careers and money.

This blog is a central place for me to publish my musings on those topics and more.

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The opinions expressed in individual articles, blog posts, videos or webinars are entirely my opinions.

No warranty whatsoever is made that any of the posts are accurate. There is absolutely no assurance (apart from author’s professional integrity) that any statement contained in a post is true, correct or precise. Even if a statement made in the post is accurate, it may only be accurate in the context of a specific software release running on specific hardware platform made by a certain vendor.

By the way, I follow Crocker’s Rules, so you can contact me to tell me freely what you think.

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